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Shane Carwin has a little message for the MMA media...


...and he makes a pretty strong case for his UFC 116: "Lesnar vs. Carwin" preparations.

"A lot of people are still questioning my reasoning behind limiting my media access. If you read this article it would sound as if I am somehow failing at my duties as a fighter. Or according to the Zuffa "Talking Heads" I am not doing my part to sell this fight. Lets talk about me selling this fight. I earned this fight. I was "given' my previous opportunity against Brock but this one I earned. I was asked to train for Cain and I began my camp. I was then told Cain is not the opponent I am being bumped up to Lesnar. Then I begin training for Lesnar to only have him pull out of the fight TWICE. His "miracle recovery" underway I was told I am going to have to face Frank Mir to earn the opportunity to face Brock (something I had already been given and taken away now twice). So for those of you confused by the fact that I somehow am fighting Brock because I talked crap or played some hype man you are wrong. I earned this fight and this opportunity. I have never turned down a fight, I have never told Zuffa no, I have and always do a good job and for them. Those that know me know that is who and what I am all about."

UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin sounds off via his official blog -- a site he names as the best place to interact with his fans -- regarding the beating he's taken by some members of the mixed martial arts media for his perceived media blackout heading into the UFC's biggest pay-per-view of the year on July 3. In addition to his media access, "The Engineer" also defends his salary and decision not to participate in smack talk. Give it a look and let's hear what you think. Is he not doing enough to sell the fight? Or is he one of the few fighters still keeping it real? What's your take?

(Photo courtesy of Lift Studios)

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