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Hammer camp: Commission docs said Matt Hamill's staph 'posed no threat' to anyone at TUF 11 Finale


Props: MMA Fighting


"The doctors and the Commission were aware and repeatedly examined the red mark on Matt's back. They concluded that it was healing and hardened to the point that it posed no threat to Matt or anyone else inside the Octagon."

Well folks, there you have it. Everyone competing at Saturday night's TUF 11 Finale is out of the woods. Duff Holmes, manager of Matt Hamill, got the green light from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to let the staph infected "Hammer" compete against Keith Jardine on June 19 in Las Vegas despite a visible "boil" protruding from his back before, during and after his three round bloodbath with "The Dean of Mean." Anyone think (based on what we saw) that maybe the doc's blew the call? Or is perception not necessarily reality?

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