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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11: Episode 10 recap and discussion


Episode 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 11, featuring coaches Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and Tito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz, gets underway and Chuck is freaking out because Dana just told him that Tito is pulling out of their UFC 115 fight on June 12.

Tito says he doesn't have a choice and has no desire to go through another surgery.

Right off the bat we go to the weigh ins between Josh Bryant and Jamie Yager. Both fighters make weight without incident.

Back at the house Jamie asks the guys to keep it down while he gets his beauty sleep. Yager feels confident and reminds the Minority Report "there is no cardio in the chin" while Josh takes out the trash.


Quarterfinal fight #4: Josh Bryant (10-0) vs. Jamie Yager (2-1)

Round 1: Quick in and out for both fighters. They rush again and Yager gets briefly stunned and responds with a missed kick. Bryant pushes him to the cage but Yager escapes. High kick finds the back for Yager. Then a low kick. Another to the back. Bryant eats one in the nuts and action is halted. They resume and Yager finding a home for the low kick. Someone off camera is hooting and hollering like a Native American conjuring spirits over a campfire. Yager with a high kick but Bryant catches it and they bunny hop across the cage. Bryant can't seem to pull the trigger and Yager hits another low kick. Bryant finally uncorks one and it flattens Yager who hits the canvas and spastically kicks his legs in defense. Bryant jumps into his guard and they struggle for position until the horn.

Round 2: Low kick lands for Yager. Yager backs him up with punches and gets one in the nuts. They restart and Yager working kicks. Bryant tags him and Yager tries a few flying knees but gets air. Yager falls to the the ground and Bryant right to side control. Yager stands up into a guillotine but he powers out and lands a few punches on the break. They start trading in the center of the cage and both men landing like crazy but are tired and not doing enough damage to finish. Yager gets dropped again and Bryant on top working elbows. Both men are spent. Bryant works the arm but doesn't have the strength to secure it. Ten seconds left and Yager is eating elbows. Round over and it's a draw but Yager doesn't sound like he's in a hurry to get to round three.

Round 3: Never happens. Yager quits on the stool.

Dana walks over to Chuck and tells him he was wrong for questioning all of his picks. Then Coach Ortiz calls Yager a pussy for quitting and says he let everyone down and has no heart as they cart the wounded fighter away in an ambulance.

The irony is so thick it's melting my laptop.

Dana tells Tito he's going to fly him to Los Angeles to have a second doctor evaluate him. He's officially off the show and Chuck already has a replacement for UFC 115. Ortiz call his situation "challenging" and is disappointed that he got fired because he never got fired before in his life.

I guess he forgot about his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice.

Anyway, Tito gets in his car and drives off and promises he'll be back. Only he never tells his team, who watches him from the van and Clayton McKinney (sans green hair) says he looks like a guy who just got fired.

So Dana has to wrangle the guys from the van and tells them Ortiz got the boot. They are a little upset that Tito never said goodbye or anything and just dissed them. Dana says not to worry they're getting a new coach.

Later that night Yager rolls in from the hospital to find out Tito is gone. Yager says he has muscle damage but other than that he's okay. McCray tells him the team is still on his case for quitting. Yager says if you doubt him then just bring it.

Uh huh.

Tito comes back to the house to say goodbye and his team is glad to see him. He gives them the rundown on what his medical condition is and talks about why he's so devastated about leaving and eventually pulls the God card.

The next day everyone gathers for the semifinal announcements and they are:

Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee

Kris McCray vs. Josh Bryant

After the announcements lo and behold Rich "The Aceman" Franklin is in da howse!

Stay tuned next week as Franklin gets a top name assistant coach, the two semifinal bouts get underway and Jamie Yager pushes one too many buttons.

See you next week!

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