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Jason Brilz: 'Joe Silva said no matter what, I'll be back'


Props: MMA Weekly


"My whole game plan was to go out and perform. I had a chance to finish the fight and I didn’t, so it is what it is. I’m not too worried about it. If you leave it up to the judges, that’s what happens. I’m just going to have to start finishing fights, I guess. They said I’ll be back. Joe Silva said before the fight, ‘You’re doing me a favor here, thanks very much and no matter what happens you’ll be back.’ I’m just going to continue to do my thing. It’s been working pretty good for me. I think with every fight I’ve had in the UFC, I’ve gotten better. I’m not the best guy at any one discipline, even at my gym, so I’m constantly learning and picking up new things. I’ll be back bigger, stronger, faster next time and more technical. I’ve got the guys who know how to do it, they won’t let me slack and it will be fun."

UFC 114 wunderkind Jason Brilz keeps his chin up after a questionable split decision loss handed down by judges in his light heavyweight battle with former PRIDE star Antonio Rogerio Nogueira back on May 29. Brilz seemed to get the better of "Minotoro" and won over the fans with his gritty performance after filling in for an injured Forrest Griffin. Where does he go from here? Fantasy matchmakers let's hear your picks.

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