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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11 Finale results recap from last night on Spike TV


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11 Finale from the "The Pearl" at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, which went down earlier this evening (Sat., June 10, 2010), is in record books.

Court McGee and Kris McCray were featured in the main event of the evening, competing for the "six-figure" contract and the top spot in the 16-man tournament.

McGee, a grinder, lived up to that billing tonight against McCray, putting his head down and getting his opponent on his back early and often. McCray, obviously, put up a fight, but the relentless and smothering attack from McGee was just too much to overcome.

The Team Liddell product eventually went on to register a second round rear naked choke victory, putting a ribbon on a very gritty performance this evening and on the show. He's certainly not the most marketable TUF winner, but it could not have happened to a more deserving participant.

Truly, a storybook ending.

Matt Hamill and Keith Jardine threw down in a co main event between two losing fighters (in their most recent bouts) who needed big wins to prove that they belonged in very stacked 205-pound division.

Despite a very trim, focused and "renewed" Jardine, Hamill was able to find his range and plod forward en route to a close majority decision win. An inadvertent eye poke in the second round, which cost "The Dean of Mean" a point, was more than likely a huge help in the final decision.

Jardine, sporting a massive Frankenstein cut on his forehead, did what he could, but that one point appeared to be a huge difference maker. Hamill didn't do anything super special ... he was just gritty enough to earn a win on the judges scorecards.


The original TUF bad boy, Chris Leben, needed a win tonight bad after losing two of his last three contests. And UFC matchmaker Joe Silva did him zero favors by matching him up with the undefeated, and very durabale, wrestling standout Aaron Simpson.

"The Crippler" answered the call.

Leben denied the takedowns and broke Simpson down with solid punches through two rounds. He eventually found a home for his patented left haymaker, which left Simpson dazed and confused. In fact, Simpson had enough and tried to get away from Leben after several well-placed blows, which sent him stumbling across the Octagon like a town drunk.

Fortunately, the referee saw enough and called a halt to the action ... to the benefit of Mr. Simpson and his fight future.

Spencer Fisher and Dennis Siver went toe-to-toe in a lightweight showdown, which was teed up to be a strike fest. It was, but apparently their styles did something to cancel out the excitement.

Both fighters traded blows for 15 minutes -- the fight never made it to the ground -- but neither one of them ever appeared to be hurt or damage the other with significant force.In theory, the matchmaking was solid, the fight, however, just didn't deliver.

Nonetheless, "The King" is on a two fight skid, and his counterpart, Siver, has won five of his last six.

Wonder who will move on to bigger, and better, competition moving forward (sarcasm).

Polarizing contestant Jamie Yager looked to redeem himself against, Rich Attonito, who was forced off the show because of a hand injury, in the opening fight of the televised card.

Didn't happen.

Even though Yager started off strong (as usual) he quickly wilted as the New Jersey-born wrestler took the fight to him, taking him down and beating him up in the inside. It wasn't long before Attonito broke him down and took his back, angling for a submission finish.

Yager defended, but couldn't stop the ground-and-pound of the American Top Team product, proving that you can't judge a book by its cover ... or he's all bark but no bite.

Whatever, pick your cliche. Yager is toast.

That’s enough from us — now it’s your turn to discuss TUF 11 Finale in the comments section below. Sound off, Maniacs. Let’s hear what you have to say.

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