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Fedor Emelianenko considering retirement -- not a career in the UFC


"Fighting for my country and my heritage is what motivates me. Nothing else ... I'm not a UFC fan, so I believe our fight is more important (than Lesnar vs. Carwin). I'm not a fan of watching UFC fights. There is always a lot of negativity coming out of their fights. I don't want to look too far ahead, I'm just focusing on Werdum. We have two fights left with Stirkeforce, and assuming everything goes well, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't continue the relationship. But I am considering retirement more and more often now. I'd like to finish out my contract without any losses and then just see what God has planned for me."

Top ranked heavyweight and Strikeforce marquee attraction Fedor Emelianenko talks to media heading into his June 26 contest against Fabricio Werdum with an eye to the future -- which to the chagrin of many mixed martial arts fans doesn't appear to include a run under the UFC banner. "The Last Emperor" was being courted by the Zuffa zealots on more than one occasion but Dana White and the Fertitta brothers could never find a middle ground with M-1 Global. If Emelianenko manages to defeat "Vai Cavalo," a much-anticipated title fight with Alistair Overeem awaits. Will Fedor ride off into the sunset as Strikeforce heavyweight champion?

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