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'Rampage' Jackson blames secret knee injury and the boredom of Greg Jackson for UFC 114 loss to Rashad Evans


Props: Fighter's Only


"I apologize for the fight not so much because I lost but because of how it went down. I always like to put on exciting fights for the fans but Rashad came out to use that ‘Greg Jackson’ plan: be boring and squeak out a victory. So that bothers me more than the loss. I remember one other thing he was doing - he was punching me in my knee! It was weird because I had suffered a real bad knee injury in camp but we kept it secret, we didn’t say anything about it and we didn’t even tell the UFC. I told my doctor and that was it, he helped me out but I was going to back out of the fight. The only reason I didn’t back out was the fight had been so hyped and I didn’t want to disappoint the fans. Why was he punching me in the knee though? That’s kind of weird - did he find out about the injury? I don’t know. Its weird."

Quinton Jackson holds uber-trainer Greg Jackson accountable for his performance in the UFC 114 main event back on May 29. Despite nearly finishing him in the third and final round, "Rampage" was unable to overcome the quickness and strategy of Rashad Evans and ultimately dropped the unanimous decision to "Suga." First he blamed "ring rust," but now seems to think that bad knees and bald coaches were his real enemy. Anyone else ready to move on? Or does Jackson have a legitimate gripe?

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