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Strikeforce: Robbie Lawler 'should have done more' against Babalu Sobral in 'Los Angeles'


"I wasn’t hurt, I just wanted to make him think I was. It was a ploy, a decoy, for him to fight me so I could knock him out. I’m disappointed with the result, but I have no complaints. The two takedowns in the first round may have been the difference. I know that I could have done much more. I should have done more."

Strikeforce middleweight Robbie Lawler talks to media during last night's post-fight press conference about his 195-pound catchweight fight against Renato Sobral in "Los Angeles." Lawler feel that perhaps he wasn't "Ruthless" enough, thus allowing "Babalu" to take home the unanimous decision win. Was the Brazilian the better fighter on June 16? Or the better strategist? And do any Maniacs out there disagree with the judge's scorecards?

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