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Despite broken arm, UFC 115 winner Rich Franklin hopeful to avoid surgery


All good things come with a price. For Rich Franklin, the good thing was a first round knockout of Chuck Liddell at UFC 115. The price was a broken arm.

But contrary to initial thoughts, surgery may not be required after all, essentially shortening the amount of time the former UFC champ is on the shelf.

From Franklin's Twitter:

"My cast will stay on for the nxt 3 wks. We will tak new x-rays then. Looks like the bone will heal wo surg."

This message, written in the mysterious language of Twitter, translates to: "My cast will stay on for the next three weeks. We will take new X-rays then. Looks like the bone will heal without surgery." 

Follow that? Good.

So, considering this information and the likelihood of a late Fall 2010 return to the Octagon for Rich, who would you like to see "Ace" take on next? Don't keep you opinions to yourself now, ya hear?

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