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'Rampage' Jackson and 'A-Team' movie lose box office fight to 'The Karate Kid'


Who would win a fight between Jackie Chan and Quinton Jackson?

Well, as far as moviegoers are concerned, the former Supercop and Drunken Master is still the top fighter when it comes to box office success.

"Rampage" had a plan that came together -- though probably not as well as he and the rest of the A-Team cast would have liked, as the soldiers gave up a fortune to Chan (as Mr. Miyagi) and his pint-sized co-star Jaden Smith in "The Karate Kid" remake.

A-Team opened to a disappointing $26 million over the weekend and has a long way to go before recouping its reported $110 million budget. Not exorbitant by Tinsel Town's standards but more than double The Karate Kid's modest $40 million price tag.

See how The A-Team stacks up against the rest of the box office releases after the jump.

1. The Karate Kid: $56,000,000 (Debut)

2. The A-Team: $26,000,000 (Debut)

3. Shrek Forever: $15,800,000 (Week 4)

4. Get Him to the Greek: $10,078,000 (Week 2)

5. Killers: $8,170,000 (Week 2)

6: Prince of Persia: $6,582,000 (Week 3)

7. Marmaduke: $6,000,000 (Week 2)

8. Sex and the City 2: $5,525,000 (Week 3)

9. Iron Man 2: $4,550,000 (Week 6)

10. Splice: $2,860,000 (Week 2)

Should "A-Team" be considered a bust? Or will it have legs over the summer and make its money overseas? And what does this do to the Hollywood dreams of "Rampage" Jackson?

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