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Martin Kampmann vows to improve on UFC 115 win over Paulo Thiago


Props: MMA Weekly


"Paulo's real tough. Every time I tried to put some moves on him on the ground he ended up standing up. Every time I tried to punch him he'd scramble, pull guard, go for kimuras. I'm sorry I didn't work more ground and pound, but he's real technical on the ground. If I opened up just a little bit he was trying to catch me in stuff. I could be as active on the ground as I wanted to... I wanted to be a little bit more hesitant with my striking. Usually I have a habit of just going straight forward and swinging. It makes some great fights for the fans. That's why I get a lot of support and I appreciate it. I would have liked to have opened up a little bit more. Sometimes I was too hesitant, but next time I'm going to fire more."

One of, if not the biggest winner at UFC 115, Martin Kampmann, is surprisingly critical of his outstanding performance against most everybody's favorite coming into the match up, Paulo Thiago. Not many folks, aside from our very own Jesse Holland, figured "The Hitman" would take the contest so easily. It was quite an impressive showing from Martin, one that will undoubtedly catapult him into some top tier welterweight bouts in the very near future. So, what's next for "The Dangerous Dane?" Does he have what it takes to earn an eventual title shot? Let's hear some thoughts.

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