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James Toney taps out 'King' Mo in training...


... but still hasn't signed to fight Randy Couture.

The Strikeforce light heavyweight champion explains what happened in practice... we're talking about PRACTICE!

"Yeah, it's true... I got tapped by Toney in training. It's just training... no more questions!!! Lol... Subs happen..."

"King" Mo Lawal details how he tapped to a standing guillotine courtesy of James through his Facebook page. Toney recently made the transition to the Octagon to prove, well, something I assume.

He's apparently making progress, but there is just one problem: "Lights Out" has yet to sign his bout agreement to fight Randy Couture at UFC 118, which is set for August 28, in Boston, Massachusetts. 

From MMA Live's Gareth A. Davies:

"Well I got a little disturbing news when I called the UFC for a little bit of a round up this morning is that James Toney is dragging his feet over the bout agreement signing with Randy Couture, which I think is bad news... Well it's a lot of hot air from James Toney; he wanted to be in it, why is he dragging his feet. That needs to be cleared up very soon."

Is Toney pulling a card from his boxing playbook with the delay tactics, or is he just too busy getting up to speed on the nuances of the sport to ensure that UFC 118 doesn't turn out how most fight fans expect it to?

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