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UFC 115: A 'mean' Tyson Griffin isn't interested in a fight bonus against Evan Dunham


Props: Cagewriter


"I think one of my biggest strengths when it comes to this situation is that I might be a little too nice in the gym. I don't like to hurt my training partners. If I land a punch and he's rocked, I'm not going to jump on him. I think one thing he might be surprised with is how mean I am in the cage as opposed to how I am in the gym. I feel like I’ve learned a lot, I’ve gained tons of experience, and learning that when I fight more patient, my abilities really shine as opposed to going in there and just scrapping. Yeah, Fight of the Night bonuses are great, but Fight of the Night means it was a close fight, and I’m not trying to have anymore close fights."

Tyson Griffin, the man who recently snapped a string of seven straight decisions in his UFC career, has no interest in collecting a UFC 115 "Fight of the Night" bonus against Evan Dunham for the simple reason that said bonus stems from a close, three round war. The "mean" Griffin wants to finish his Xtreme Couture training partner and get back into the lightweight title hunt. Where does a Dunham stoppage rank him among the division contenders? Let's hear your take, Maniacs.

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