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UFC Quick Quote: Right leg hospital, left leg hospice


"[Pat Barry] said, in the case of him winning, that he will spend two years staring outside a window, but he must also have one thing else on his mind: In case he loses the fight, and I am lucky and throw a high kick, he might stare outside the window for two years, too. With a nurse by his side."

-- Mirko Cro Cop talks about what might happen to Pat Barry if he is able to connect with his trademark high kick in their heavyweight co-main event fight at UFC 115: "Liddell vs. Franklin" this Saturday night (June 12). Earlier in today's final pre-fight press conference, Barry quipped that he'd be so thrilled with a win over the mixed martial arts legend that he'd probably just go home and stare out the window for two years. The Croatian fired back, sarcastically, that "Get Hype" might also experience the same fate in defeat ... albeit under very different circumstances. Cro Cop, who looks way more comfortable and loose than he has since joining the promotion several years ago, was on fire this afternoon, joking and having fun in front of the media throng (his "behind the scenes" sense of humor is legendary ... just watch his epic prank of Mauro Ranallo right here). Is this new attitude a sign of good things to come, or will Cro Cop be staring outside his airplane window after the fight wondering if the end of his illustrious career is finally here?

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