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UFC Quick Quote: 'Rampage' Jackson loves MMA fans -- not weird dudes and A-Team marks


"I love the MMA fans...but now I get a bunch of dudes wanting to buy me drinks and take pictures like I'm a hot chick. They do weird things. Don't ask me where I live. People slap you on the back real hard—so I have to slap them on the back real hard. Dudes want to hug you. I roll around with sweaty dudes all day, I don't want to touch no dudes. I don't even feel pressure playing B.A. Baracus. I could never be Mr. T...but I get offended when people call me Mr. T. I act as a character that Mr. T played. It's one of my favorite characters in the world. I didn't try to act like Mr. T. Some people are like, "I like Mr. T better." I agree with them; I like Mr. T better, too."

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson tells about the trials and tribulations of his dual life as both mixed martial arts superstar and budding Hollywood actor. "Rampage" has seen his share of headlines lately stemming from gay slurs, a WWE appearance, his new action movie and of course, his high-profile loss to bitter rival Rashad Evans at UFC 114. Is life in the fast lane too much for Jackson? Or does he just need time to adjust to superstardom?

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