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Report: Dan Lauzon released from his UFC contract


Dan Lauzon was unsuccessful in his bid to secure his first win inside the Octagon when he fought Ultimate Fighter 8 Champion Efrain Escudero at UFC 114: "Rampage vs. Evans" over the Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas.

And now it looks as if he may never get it.

Boston Herald is reporting that "The Upgrade" was downgraded by the world's largest fight promotion and given his walking papers after an 0-2 start under the UFC banner.

From friend and business partner Joe Cavallaro:

"His contract was terminated. He's just got to go back and get more experience. Danny is very very young guy. He is a tremendous fighter. He needs to get the right training, the right camp and get a handful of wins again. I was talking to Joe Silva about it and he said ‘we'll definitely have him back. We love him, he's a tough kid. He just needs more experience, a consistent camp.'"

It was the latest blow in what turned out to be a very tumultuous camp for the former Affliction fighter.

Lauzon accused his trainers, along with brother and fellow UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, of walking away from him two weeks before his big fight against Escudero at UFC 114. "The Upgrade" contends that he was holding up his end of the bargain after Team Lauzon issued him an ultimatum about his training schedule.

Of course Joe defended his position and warned that Dan would learn the hard way, which apparently he did. But where does the talented young up-and-comer go from here? Strikeforce? Bellator?

Let's hear your destination Maniacs -- unless you think he shouldn't have been cut at all.

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