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UFC event in Afghanistan possible for January 2011


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"It's going to happen, but even when it does happen, we're not going to be able to talk about it. It's going to be a stealth mission. We're going to zoom in there, put on a fight and get the hell out. If we're going to go in there and spend the money to shoot it, it's got to be TV quality. It's got to be up to our standards to be shown on television. In a perfect world, we show this on television, we show troops in between each round, guys sending messages back home. If we can do what we want to do, this will be an incredible event. We just want to do it. You know how I am with the military. We just want to do it."

UFC President Dana White details the promotion's plans for holding an eventual event in Afghanistan, early next year most likely. The card would obviously be a logistical nightmare, but White has always been extremely supportive of the United States Armed Forces and is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to make the card happen. Though the card would not be broadcast live and may not even be shown via tape delay to the rest of the world outside of Afghanistan, let's all hope the UFC is successful in pulling off this daring endeavor if they indeed decide to go through with it. 

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