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'Rampage' Jackson: 'Acting is kind of gay'


Props: LA Times


"Acting is kind of gay. It makes you soft. You got all these people combing your hair and putting a coat over your shoulders when you're cold. I don't want a coat over my shoulders! I'm a tough-ass [individual]! (In Hollywood) there's a thing called 'pecking order.' I'm not used to that. People can be really inconsiderate of people's feelings. I wasted three weekends in a row waiting in my trailer when they didn't use me at all. To be honest, my experience in this movie industry hasn't always been good. If you know one thing about me, I say time is the most valuable thing in this universe. I hate wasting time. And these [individuals] wasted a lot of my...time! Overall, I was glad I experienced the stuff. But sometimes I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I think, 'Damn, I should have taken that (UFC 107) fight.'"

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson didn't appreciate being coddled on the set of the "A-Team" movie, especially in an industry that wastes his time and makes him soft. "Rampage" was unsuccessful in his return to the UFC back on May 29, dropping a unanimous decision to bitter rival "Suga" Rashad Evans in Las Vegas. Did the gayness of acting hurt his in-cage performance? Or was the Evans bout too much, too soon?

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