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UFC Quick Quote: 'Lyoto Machida knows his Karate is not going to defeat Muay Thai'


"Shogun is hungry for this fight, and we are already feeling the taste of the belt. Shogun shows in each training session the desire to beat Machida. I do not want to be in Machida’s shoes because Shogun will take this belt with his kicks. He knows that his karate is not going to defeat Muay Thai. In my coach’s opinion, he will want to work his jiu-jitsu with Shogun. I think he will not fight Muay Thai because he saw that in the last fight he was badly hurt and was not effective. So I think he will want to work his jiu-jitsu. We already have the strategy to beat Machida."

Muay Thai Coach Andre "Dida" Amado tells that his star pupil will finish what he started last October when he rematches current UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida at UFC 113 this Saturday night in Montreal. Mauricio Rua seemed to get the better of the undefeated enigma with his punishing kicks and aggressive attack; however, the ringside judges did not side with "Shogun," and once again "The Dragon" went home with the 205-pound title. Will history repeat itself on May 8? Or will Rua finally emerge victorious?

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