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UFC 113: Marcus Davis 'built for speed' against Jonathan Goulet


Props: Bangor Daily News


"I always seem to fight guys in their hometowns, like U.S. Marine Shonie Carter at a Marine base. I also fought Paul Kelley in Birmingham, England; Paul Taylor in London; Jess Liaudin in Newcastle, England; and Pete Spratt in Houston. He does have a slight reach advantage, but I'm a lot faster than he is. At some point in this fight, I'm going to hit him on the chin, so the question is whether he'll be able to take that. If he can't, he'll have to somehow keep me on the ground and grind out a decision or cut me. I think I'm a better wrestler and grappler. I'm built for speed on this fight. I'm nowhere near as big as I usually am. Normally I'm 185 and cut down for the event. This one, I won't have to cut down at all."

Marcus Davis 2.0 prepares to get back into the win column against Jonathan Goulet at UFC 113 on Saturday night (May 8) from the Bell Centre in Montreal. "The Irish Hand Grenade" detonated unexpectedly in his match against Ben Saunders at UFC 106: "Ortiz vs. Griffin 2" last November -- his second straight loss after coming up short against Dan Hardy at UFC 99: "The Comeback" in June 2009. "The Road Warrior" hasn't competed since a "Quick" knockout loss to Mike Swick in December 2008 -- will he be able to handle the New England nightmare?

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