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Bellator 17 recap and post-fight discussion for May 6 Boston event


Bellator 17 from the Wang City Theatre in Boston Massachusetts, has come to a close.

Capping off the televised portion of the card was blue-chip prospect and heavyweight up-and-comer Cole Konrad, who's being billed as the future of the 265-pound division.

If Cole Konrad is the future, then call me Marty McFly because I'm heading back to the past.

They announced him as one of the heavy hitters coming from the Brock Lesnar camp, which did nothing but remind me of how special Lesnar is as an athlete. That's not to take away from Konrad's wrestling accomplishments, but he was gassed after one round of action.

And he had the physique to prove it.

Bennett was mugged for the first five minutes but remained upright for the duration of the fight. He picked his shots and seemed to get the better of what little striking there was, but the judges saw differently. Konrad remains undefeated at 2-0, but still has a long way to go.

Eddie Alvarez and Josh Neer were paired up in what was advertised as a "super fight." What wasn't so super was Neer's complete disregard for the takedown, which has become an all too common theme in the upper echelon of mixed martial arts competitors.

Neer was more than game and put Alvarez on notice with a couple of combinations; however, the champion didn't get his belt (or a consensus top ten ranking) by getting into reckless brawls.

Alvarez had the takedown anytime he wanted it and used his significant strength advantage to ground and pound "The Dentist" back into the waiting room. Up next for Alvarez is the winner of Pat Curran vs. Toby Imada.

Up next for Neer? More of the same if he doesn't change his game.

Former UFC competitor and highly regarded lightweight veteran Roger Huerta signed with Bellator Fighting Championships to quite a bit of fanfare and very high expectations.

Pat Curran must have been a Snap! fan, because he didn't believe the hype.

The Lil' Frog came out with a very calculated attack that kept "El Matador" on the defense throughout most of rounds one and two. Huerta was effective when he picked his spots, unfortunately they were too few and far between for the ringside judges, who advance Curran to the lightweight finals against Toby Imada.

Sorry, Telemundo.

Toby Imada made a name for himself at last year's Bellator tournament with his inverted triangle choke over Jorge Masvidal. While he won't be setting any YouTube records in Season 2, there is no denying that his submission skills are enough to carry him to the finals (again).

Just ask Carey Vanier.

The wrestler came out with quick, crisp hands that kept Imada at a distance early on. Vanier also managed to scurry out of submission danger throughout most of round one.

Unfortunately for the Greg Jackson disciple, it was just a matter of time for Imada, who used a late scramble in the final minutes of the second frame to lock up a loose limb and crank it. Vanier taps, and Imada moves on to face Pat Curran for all the marbles.

That's a wrap from Boston.

Anyone watching the televised presentation of Bellator 17 that saw things differently? Who impressed you the most? Imada? Alvarez? Curran?

Let's hear your take, Maniacs.

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