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Bellator 17 results and live fight coverage tonight (May 6) from Boston


Bellator 17 is currently underway live tonight (May 6) from the Wang City Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. Tonight's main event features a lightweight superfight between Eddie Alvarez and Josh Neer, in addition to main card action featuring Roger Huerta vs. Pat Curran.

Blue chip heavyweight prospect Cole Konrad will also throw hands against Pat Bennett.

Despite I-95's best efforts, Nostradumbass is live on the scene with a full play-by-play of tonight's main card festivities. And, when I'm not cleaning out the media room of complimentary food and beverages, I'll also be updating all the undercard action as it unfolds.

Now without further adieu, Bellator 17 live results after the jump.


160 lbs.: Eddie Alvarez def. Josh Neer via submission (rear naked choke) 2:08 R2
265 lbs.: Cole Konrad defeats Pat Bennett via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 30-27)
155 lbs.: Pat Curran def. Roger Huerta via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
155 lbs.: Toby Imada def. Carey Vanier via submission (armbar) 3:33 R2
185 lbs.: Greg Rebello def. John Doyle via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
185 lbs.: Justin Torrey def. Lance Everson via TKO (knees) 3:55 R2
145 lbs.: Josh Laberge def. Dan Bonnell via TKO (strikes) 0:48 R1
170 lbs.: Chuck O'Neil def. Damian Vitale via TKO (strikes) 1:02 R3

Nostradumbass here live in "Bean Town."

160 lbs.: Eddie Alvarez vs. Josh Neer

Round one: Crowd pro-Alvarez. They come out throwing hard and Alvarez scores a huge takedown. Neer doing a good job of defending with his legs as Alvarez looks to posture up. Miragliotta warns him for fence-grabbing. Alvarez using his strength advantage to ground and pound him but Neer survives and reverses. They get back to their feet and Alvarez again scores a big takedown. Neer mounted again and pounded on until the bell.

Round two: Leg kicks by Neer but Alvarez goes right to the takedown since Neer has obviously neglected to learn from his past losses. He does manage to get to his feet and but Alvarez continues to abuse his lack of takedown defense. Neer gives up his back in the scramble and Alvarez locks in the rear naked choke. Nothing "super" about this fight.

Final result: Eddie Alvarez def. Josh Neer via submission (rear naked choke) 2:08 R2

265 lbs.: Pat Bennett vs. Cole Konrad

Round one: Bennett opens up with his hands but Konrad uses his momentum to lock up a big takedown. Not much happening here, Konrad hits the body a few times. He postures but Bennett is keeping him tangled up. Konrad drags him to the center of the cage and uses his weight to keep Bennett pinned. He rattles off some ground and pound until the bell.

Round two: Konrad bumrushes him to the fence and Bennett escapes. Both fighters sucking wind. Ah, the joys of heavyweight. Nothing is happening. The referee claps his hands and they ignore him. Konrad rushes in for the takedown and Bennett denies him. They swing wildly from ten feet away and (surprise) hit nothing. Konrad can't keep his hands up he's so gassed. He tags him with a right and the crowd boos. After a minute of huffing and puffing he hits him again. Crowd not happy. Round over.

Round three: Bennett lands a clean kick and a right hand and the crowd gives him a Bronx cheer. More wind sucking and Konrad bumrushes. He can't get the takedown and eats a few on the break away. No action as they catch their breath. Right hand lands for Bennett. They stall. Crowd furious. Low kick for Bennett. Sloppy striking ends the fight. Reprehensible display.

Final result: Cole Konrad defeats Pat Bennett via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 30-27)

155 lbs.: Roger Huerta vs. Pat Curran

Round one: Leg kicks from both men start us off. Nothing happens for a minute. Huge body kick lands for Curran. Inside leg kick for Huerta. Slow pace so far. Another hard body kick for Curran. Again. Huerta head kick gets nothing. Body kick for Huerta who can't get the shoot. They clinch and go to the cage. Huerta drops a level and knees the thigh. Nice knee to the body lands for each fighter. They break away and trade kicks until the round ends.

Round two: Quick clinch and knees are flying. They separate. Head kick from Huerta blocked. Low kick isn't. Curran stalking. Huerta busy with low kicks. Huerta 1-2 backs Curran up. Now Huerta stalking. Overhand right lands for Curran who tries for the take down but Huerta gets out of it. They unload on each other and the crowd roars. Then they stop and so does the crowd. Huerta presses him to the cage and can't get the takedown. He knees the thighs again. Curran pushes him off and rushes in with a Superman punch at the bell.

Round three: Both fighters sense urgency and strike early and often. They clinch and Huerta working over the thighs. They separate and Curran lands a head kick then stuffs a takedown. Curran lets the hands go. Huerta is game. Huerta with a takedown. He softens him up then Curran escapes and reverses. Huerta to his feet and they separate. Another clinch. Curran with a takedown. Huerta up. Curran landing cleanly. Huerta answers but seems to be getting beat to the punch. They throw leather to the bell. Slow start, great finish.

Final result: Pat Curran def. Roger Huerta via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

155 lbs.: Carey Vanier vs. Toby Imada

Round one: Vanier finds his range early. Imada wants the ground and gets it -- but ends up on his back. Imada gets to his feet without damage. Vanier whiffs and Imada goes for the shoot but again gets muscled to his back. Imada with a lightning fast leg lock but Vanier rolls out of danger and reclaims mount. Camera man's prodigious posterior blocks Nostradumbass view. Imada is on his feet, lands a left and they clinch. Greco slam by Vanier but Imada gets right back up. Imada with the Thai Plum. Vanier now shoots and pushes him to the cage. Imada with knees. Imada takes a knee to the little Toby's and doesn't blink. He tags Vanier with a left and then rocks him at the bell. Close round.

Round two: Vanier opens with a shoot but Imada defends. Both men strike cautiously with no real damage being done. Imada stalking now. Imada unloads and Vanier scoots out of danger. Imada kicks but Vanier catches it -- and Imada uses the momentum to roll him into a leg lock. Vanier escapes and in the scramble gets rolled over. Imada sets him up and locks in a TIGHT armbar. Vanier struggles valiantly but has nowhere to go but Tapsville.

Final result: Toby Imada def. Carey Vanier via submission (armbar) 3:33 R2

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