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MMA Quick Quote: Josh Neer knows he can beat Eddie Alvarez at Bellator 17


"Eddie's style is a great match up for me. I always match up well with technical fighters, and from the footage I have seen on Eddie, he is a real technical fighter. He doesn't back down, and this is the thing I love about this fight. He is always coming forward, and he never takes a step backward. I am used to being the one moving forward and having to chase everyone around. In this fight we are going to clash right in the middle of the cage. I am not going to back down, I am not going to want to go backward. I am going to want to go forward, and from what I have seen from Eddie, he wants to move forward, and he wants to be the aggressor. That first sequence in the fight, the first trade is going to be key. I look at this fight in particular as I have a huge opportunity to upset a guy, and I definitely am capable of beating him. I love coming into fights as the underdog because there is no pressure. There is no doubt in my mind that I can beat Eddie. I am going in there to win, not to collect a paycheck. I am going in there to win the fight and that is how I approach every fight."

Former UFC lightweight Josh Neer spoke to about his fight with top-five ranked lightweight Eddie Alvarez at Bellator 17 on Thursday, May 6. "The Dentist" and Alvarez will be the first combatants in Bellator's string of "super fights" during the promotion's second season. And after just being released by the UFC last year, Neer is fully aware of the great chance to make a statement that awaits him. So who do we like in this match up? Will Eddie be too much for Josh to handle, or will Neer pull of the surprising upset? Opinions please.

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