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NFL star Brian Cushing details his MMA training experience


Props: KILT in Houston (via Sports Radio Interviews)


"It's been going great. We've been doing it three or four times a week. Just the conditioning and the kind of training that we've been doing is so unique and everything has really worked out. It's been a great off-season. The biggest thing is Jay [Glazer] understands the role he's taking as a guy he's training. He understands there's a ton of responsibility and accountability the coaches are giving him to train his players. He knows the situation, he knows we're not professional fighters, he knows we're professional football players. That's what he's training us for. Not for the fights but to keep us healthy, to keep us safe, and to get us more flexible and more aware of our surroundings out there on the field. I don't see why not [more NFL players would adopt MMA training]. Not only is it very good for you, but it's kind of a release now and it's different from training all year ‘round, lifting weights, and doing all that kind of stuff. Now you can go into the gym and do this and basically get a three or four hour workout done in one hour with this kind of stuff."

Houston Texans All-Pro linebacker Brian Cushing is one of the many elite NFL players to have picked up mixed martial arts training as part of their regular off-season workout routine. Conducted by MMAthletics co-founders Jay Glazer and Randy Couture, Cushing claims that the training translates especially well to football and he fully expects more and more NFL players to join the fray. Even though he's working out like a mixed martial artist, he has every intention to remain purely a football player and credits Glazer for knowing how far to push athletes that come in to his gym with a football background. Look out AFC South division... Cushing is coming!

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