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Devin Price: Don King is Mayorga's boxing promoter -- Shine Fights is his MMA promoter


Props: Shine Fights


"The May 15 MMA event Worlds Collide: "Mayorga vs. Thomas" will go forward without a doubt. Shine Fights has a valid and exclusive promotional contract with Ricardo Mayorga for mixed martial arts. We are pleased to offer both MMA fans and boxing fans a great night of MMA action on Saturday, May 15. When we announced this fight I said that we think Mayorga's fans are just that, his fans, and that they will follow him to MMA. Our target is to convert many boxing fans into fans of both sports. We are his MMA promoter."

Shine Fight Promotions CEO Devin Price responded today via a press release to famed boxing promoter Don King's threat that he intended do everything in his power to ensure the May 15 "Worlds Collide" event would not take place as Shine Fights was in breach of an existing contract between Ricardo Mayorga and King. Price reassures MMA fans that the main event between Mayorga and former UFC fighter Din Thomas will indeed go on as planned citing the fact that Shine Fights is Mayorga's mixed martial arts promoter and Don King is Mayorga's boxing promoter, and with that, no contractual stipulations or terms were violated. But unfortunately, something tells me we haven't heard the last from King on this topic.

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