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UFC Quick Quote: An improved Paul Daley will send Koscheck home with his teeth in a bag


"Koscheck has come out with a statement he's gonna now take me down and choke me out, as if that wasn't his plan from the moment he signed the contract. Of course he wants to take me down as soon as he possibly can. That's his strength, that's what he thinks is my weakness, so unless the bleach has gone to his brain, that's what he's gonna do. Even when he was saying he was standing with me and all that, I was hearing it and thinking ‘Of course you are... riiiiiiight!' It kind of annoys me that people keep asking me if my takedown defense has improved since fighting Jake Shields two years ago. Of course it has. I lost a fight, so of course I want to improve; I always want to get better. On the night against Shields I was pretty bad; I don't even like talking about it. That wasn't really me at my best, and I am still mad about it, but I moved on and I've worked hard to improve. On Saturday, all I am going for is another win. I will leave the Octagon with another KO win under my belt, and Kos will leave with his teeth in a bag."

Trash-talking teeth trouncer Paul Daley continues his verbal assault on UFC 113 opponent Josh Koscheck in anticipation of their welterweight match-up this Saturday night (May 8) from the Bell Centre in Montreal. "Semtex" blogs about his defeat at the hands of Jake Shields in Elite XC but vows to show how far his takedown defense has come since that bout over two years ago. The question is, if the big-fisted Brit can't land the knockout punch, does he have enough tools left in his arsenal to keep it competitive?

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