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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11: Episode 6 recap and discussion


Episode six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 11 gets underway with some unhappy campers in the Ortiz camp. They're down 1-4 in the elimination bouts and looking to play the blame game. Kyacey Uscola thinks it starts at the top and questions some of Tito's training methods.

Over at the gym, Chuck returns from his "prior obligations" and Team Liddell is all smiles.

The Minority Report takes a different slant on the workouts under Coach Ortiz. Jamie Yager thinks he's doing a great job and that some of the complainers just don't know what real work is. Tito hears the talk and rallies the troops for a pep talk and calls out Uscola for his bitching.

Coaches Challenge!

This season it's dodgeball. As usual, the winning coach gets $10,000 and $1,000 goes to each team member. Rich Attonito swears he saw smoke coming off Chuck's balls. I'm leaving that one alone. Game 1 to Team Liddell. Then Game 2. The end of Game 3 and Chuck and Tito are the last men standing. Just like in the cage, Chuck takes him out.

Just what Team Ortiz needs, another demoralizing loss.

At the fight announcement, Chuck picks Court McGee to fight Nick Ring, who goes into the staredown with some sort of bizarre Too Wong Foo finger wagging technique. Dana thinks it's a mismatch but admits Chuck is doing just fine without his advice.

McGee talks about his desire to fight and how getting beat up is one of the joys of competing. Assistant Coach John Hackleman thinks he's got the skills to beat Godzilla.

Somewhere in Japan, the ghost of Tomoyuki Tanaka executes an epic facepalm.

Speaking of giant lizards, James Hammertree gets dropped awkwardly in the gym and can't move. He's wailing in pain and the medics have to take him out on a stretcher. Not a pretty site, especially for anyone who's ever competed.

Nick Ring is happy to be back in mixed martial arts after a recovering from a severe knee injury. Coach Ortiz talks about why Ring was his number one pick and is predicting a first round finish. Both fighters make weight without incident.

James Hammertree returns with a swollen back but fortunately doesn't have any serious damage.

Prior to the fight, Coach Hackleman tell McGee that Ring doesn't have any knockout power and that he made a name for himself crushing cans in Canada. Ring apologizes ahead of time for what he's about to do in the cage.

Elimination bout #6: Court McGee (9-1) vs. Nick Ring (10-0)

Round 1: Jab lands for McGee who then takes Ring down. He does very little to advance his position and draws a few warnings from the ref for inactivity. Ring gets to his feet. They trade kicks. Then hands. Then kicks again. They lock up in the center of the cage and knee each other for a bit. They separate and Ring stuffs a takedown, locking in a guillotine then spinning to take his opponent's back. McGee turns out of it but Ring lands in half guard. He's busier on top than McGee was but conversely McGee is busier on bottom than Ring was. Round one ends with Ring on top, who probably takes the round.

Round 2: Both fighters trade cautiously. Spinning back kick for McGee is an airball. Neither fighter seems particularly eager to close the distance. McGee finally ties him up and then breaks away. Both sides throwing a lot of leather but not much damage being done. Ugly shoot by McGee gets nothing. Ring working the legs fairly well, McGee working the head in return. Ring lumbers in like Frankenstein and gets wrist control only to let it go. They start hugging and go to the cage. Exhaustion has reared its ugly head. Ring lands a few kicks at the bell as McGee peppers the head. Close fight.

Nick Ring defeats Court McGee via majority decision

After the fight, Ring is disappointed that he couldn't finish the fight. Coach Liddell can't comprehend how McGee lost the second round. Dana agrees but also says you can't ever let it go to the judges. Liddell hears that and blows his stack -- staring a hole right through Dana (who immediately sits down).

Stay tuned next week as Nick Ring faces a possible injury, Seth Baczynski and Joe Henle do battle in the final elimination fight and the wildcard spot is finally filled. Who will it be?

Find out next week!

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