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Dana White: 'I literally require no sleep'


Props: Vancouver Sun


"[My wife] doesn’t bust my balls at all. Not one bit, believe me when I tell you. I have a lot of all-night blackjack sessions. I have nights where I’ll fucking come home and I’m like, ‘Holy shit. The kids are gonna be up in two hours.’ So I get two hours sleep and then get up and take them to school and then go to work. But blackjack is my thing. I like to do it... The thing about me is . . . I literally require no sleep. I can go to sleep for two hours, three hours, and I get up and can kill it."

UFC President Dana White reveals the secret to his success: An understanding wife who doesn't give him grief for his jet set lifestyle and an ability to stay awake at virtually all hours. It appears to be a winning formula -- He runs the most successful mixed martial arts promotion on the planet and likely has an eight-figure balance (if not more) in his bank account for all his grueling work. And what better way to spend all that hard-earned cash than at the black jack tables in your best friend's casino? I wouldn't sleep much, either.

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