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Polish trainer: Offense? Defense? Jab? Mariusz Pudzianowski is just 'Bad'


Props: (via Bloody Elbow)


"His boxing technique is bad. There a lot of holes in his game. His defense is weak, he didn't have much time to learn. There are holes in every aspect of his boxing technique. His jab is bad, his legs are bad, his defense is bad, his offense is bad. I also don't think Mariusz is ready to take a punch."

Boxing trainer Krzysztof Kosedowski offers an unflattering assessment of stand-up skills for five-time World's Strongest Man, Mariusz Pudzianowski, who faces former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia at the upcoming Moosin: "Gods of Martial Arts" event on May 21 in Worcester. The Polish powerhouse may not have to rely on his hands if he can use his brute strength to get "The Maine-iac" to the ground and pound on him. Is he in for a rude awakening? Or can he make something of himself in MMA with just his muscles and his mouth? We may have a definitive answer by the end of this month. What's your take?

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