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Manny Gamburyan: It doesn't make sense for me to fight anyone other than Jose Aldo




"Right now I'm not thinking about anything else. My eye is right on him. That's the only guy I really want to fight right now. It doesn't make sense to fight anybody else. Even if they offered me Nate Diaz, that wouldn't make sense to me. The next fight should be Jose Aldo. I'm going to have a good game plan. I'll talk to my coaches and train hard and train a smart way. It's going to be a big, huge puzzle. That's for sure. He's a phenom. He's a great fighter, a great athlete. If anybody fights Jose Aldo, you can't be scared of him. I won't be scared, I promise you. When I walk into the cage, I'm going to look in his eyes and I'm going to say, ‘I'm going to take the belt from you.'"

Fresh off his WEC 48 upset win over former featherweight champion Mike Brown, Manny Gamburyan sets his sights on division title holder Jose Aldo, who also competed on the April 24, defeating former 145-pound kingpin Urijah Faber. There has been a lot of talk about "Junior" switching weight classes but "Manvil" doesn't want him going anywhere just yet. Any Maniacs out there think he's biting off more than he can chew?

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