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UFC Quick Quote: Power-punching Michael Bisping wants a Wanderlei Silva rematch


"Wanderlei Silva said he wants a rematch with me. I would love a rematch. I feel now I'm starting to mature as a mixed martial artist. I'm coming into my own skill-wise and confidence-wise. I want to keep building on this (Dan Miller) win and hopefully, towards the end of the year or early next year, I'll get a title shot. I want to be the first Englishman to win the title. I was the first (Englishman) to win ‘The Ultimate Fighter' ... and I will be the first English world champion. As I said, (Miller) was very tough, very durable. I hit him with some big shots, but he was hungry. He wanted to win bad, and he hung in there. If you go speak to my Thai coach, my boxing coach, and my sparring partners, believe me, I hit with power. I haven't been getting knockouts lately. I think subconsciously I started fighting on my back foot because I was so worried about the takedown...and doing that you don't generate the same power."

Michael Bisping talks to the press (via after his UFC 114 win against Dan Miller on May 29 in a performance that saw the Brit execute a sharp striking attack that while effective, was unable to finish the crafty wrestler. "The Count" insists he has powerful punches, but subconsciously may have been swinging from his back foot to avoid the takedown. Was his performance impressive enough to warrant a rematch with Wanderlei Silva, who outpointed the former TUF star back in February? Or does he need a big finish to convince you he's ready? Thoughts?

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