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Dan Miller is fighting to 'provide for his family' at UFC 114


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"It's tough but this is my job and what I have to do to provide for my family. He's a motivating factor to get in there and get a win. If I lose, my UFC career is probably done so I need to stay focused. I need to get this win. I get inspiration just watching him fight. He's fought for his life twice now, and now he's doing well."

Co-main eventer Dan Miller talks about his recent personal struggles and the health of his four-month old son, Daniel, Jr. Miller's child has been battling a genetic kidney disease that has put him near death on more than one occasion. Dan says that while his son is doing better now, his inspiration for the fight against Michael Bisping is coming from Daniel, Jr.'s will to survive. It's undeniably a heartbreaking story, but as Dana White recently put it, "This is the real world and nobody is gonna take care of you. Nobody gives a shit in the real world. You gotta overcome adversity to get to where you want to be." Clearly, Miller's personal struggles are far from typical, but in someways White has a point. Dan has a great opportunity to defeat a big name like Bisping and to continue providing for his family in the way that only he can. So, will Miller make the most of this challenge and bring some much needed joy and relief to his family? Or, will his personal problems be too much to overcome? Who's taking the UFC 114 co-main event, Maniacs?

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