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UFC 114's Rashad Evans: 'Haters are gonna hate, but I gotta get back to doing me'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"I'm never gonna please the haters, and I'm not gonna try to. At one point earlier in my career, I did wish it wasn't like that because I'm a likeable person. But I realized people are gonna hate me no matter what. My momma told me a long time ago, ‘not everybody has to like you.' And it's very true. I'm ok with that. I just gottta get back to doing me. Part of the reason I started standing up a banging so much was because everyone said all I do is lay and pray and I'm boring. So I said, alright, I'm gonna develop my standup, and then I started knocking people out, and it was all good. But then I get knocked out in one fight, and all of a sudden I suck. Then I go back to my wrestling and win, and everybody is like, ‘oh my God, all he does is lay and pray.' I can't win with these people. But you know what? If they're gonna hate me, let ‘em hate me."

With UFC 114: "Rampage vs. Evans" now just a couple short days away, it's becoming quite evident, both fighters in the card's main event have their share of naysayers. Some examples of venom spewed their way in the recent weeks: "Rampage" is lazy, doesn't care about fighting, is fat, is a wannabe movie star, etc. While Rashad is too cocky, is a boring fighter, already peaked, was never that good to begin with, etc. You get the point. And so does Evans. He told Larry Pepe earlier this week that the days of caring about what are people thought of him are long gone. Rashad also said he's 'gotta get back to doing me.' That line could mean several things. But one of the first things that comes to mind is his fighting style. It sounds like he doesn't exactly plan on standing and trading with Jackson, no matter how bad he wants to knock him out. So, what do you foresee Rashad's strategy for this fight as being? Will he be trying endlessly for the takedown? Or, will his emotions get the best of him and force Evans out of his game plan entirely? Predict away. 

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