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UFC 114: 'Rampage vs Evans' pre-fight press conference highlights and recap


UFC 114: "Rampage vs. Evans" is set to take place this Saturday (May 29) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring a light heavyweight grudge match between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and "Suga" Rashad Evans.

In addition, middleweights Michael "The Count" Bising and Dan Miller will do battle in the co-featured fight of the night to see who works their way back into the 185-pound title hunt.

In preparation for this weekend's return trip to "Sin City," the UFC will held a pre-fight press conference featuring the major players from the event including Quinton Jackson, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Dan Miller and of course, UFC President Dana White.

And quite surprisingly, unlike the UFC 114 media call, both gentlemen, well... acted like gentlemen.

Check out the highlights and a quick recap of the presser after the jump.



- Dana White said the UFC has sold more tickets for the second UFC Fan Expo already then they did for the first expo last year.

- Dana proclaimed that "Rampage" actually made the right decision in taking time off to do the A-Team.

- White noted that this Primetime show is better than his previous favorite, Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J Penn.

- Dana also said the hype and buzz for this fight has the same feel that UFC 100 did.

- D.W. said that he always felt like "Rampage" would come back to the promotion after their disagreement last year.

- Both fighters say it won't be a problem to keep their emotions intact because they're professional athletes.

- Jackson says Bisping helped him out a lot in training for Evans, says Bisping told him he's much stronger than Rashad.

- Jackson also said Bisping has helped him prepare for Rashad's speed advantage.

- "Rampage" has heard that Mr. T (the original B.A. Baracus) is happy with the remake of the A-Team.

- "Rampage" doesn't think, nor care, about race. The black-on-black crime soundbyte is originally from his Marvin Eastman fight.

- Rashad thinks it's good that two black fighters are in the main event in such a big UFC card, says it's about time.

- Jackson trained harder for this fight than any other. Says he trained to finsh the fight, to destroy Evans.

- Evans thinks Jackson is like an old Mike Tyson. Said he hasn't developed at all over the course of his career.

- Bisping guarantees his fight with Miller won't go three rounds.

- "Rampage" says people forget he wrestled in high school and college. Says he's not worried about being on his back against Rashad.

- Jackson said Lance Gibson is the best Muay Thai coach he's ever had.

- Rashad says he's not worried about the size difference between the two fighters. Says he's always the smaller fighter.

- Finally, ironically enough, Diego Sanchez was the recipient of the Tequila Cazadores Spirit award.

That's all she wrote Maniacs. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of UFC 114 beginning with the PPV telecast at 10 p.m. ET. In addition, we will deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action much earlier on fight night.

For more on the May 29 event click here.

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