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Programming alert: WWE 'RAW is Rampage' on June 7


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson will be headed to the squared circle on Monday, June 7 2010, alongside fellow A-Team movie actors Bradley Cooper and Sharito Copley as guest hosts on WWE "Monday Night Raw."

I guess that makes them the B-Team since Liam "Hannibal Smith" Neeson has opted not to appear. Maybe he's too busy working on that "Next of Kin" prequel.

In any case, "Rampage" can be seen yucking it up with his costars to promote A-Team's June 11 premiere beginning at 9 p.m. ET on June 7 via the USA network. Though he may not be all smiles if he can't first get past Rashad Evans at UFC 114 on May 29.

The WWE has been using guest hosts in recent months to try and boost ratings and draw some casual observers into the program who may have an interest in one or more of their "celebrity" hosts.

Jackson will join an esteemed list of guest hosts that includes Al Sharpton, Jerry Springer and Verne Troyer.

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