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UFC Quick Quote: Josh Koscheck warns Georges St. Pierre -- 'I'm going to knock you out'


"This time it is everything. This is going to be it man. This is my run to the title and I'm going to get it. I'm close. I've got to be focused. I've got to train and I'm coming out of this fight with a victory. I think the city of Pittsburgh needs something like that. I'm from the area and it would be great to come home and have the support of all of my fans that have been backing me all the way since I was in college wrestling all the way up to now fighting for the title... Pittsburgh would be a great, great city to have the UFC. Bringing the UFC to Pittsburgh would be awesome, but regardless where it is, it's going to be a great event, and me and St. Pierre are going to put on a good show. Georges, you better work on your power, because I'm going to force you to stand up with me when we fight, and I'm going to knock you out." 

Welterweight number one contender Josh Koscheck details his plans for Georges St. Pierre with MMA Weekly for when they meet later this year in their rematch. Of course this go-round will be a bit different. With the UFC Welterweight title on the line, preceded by a reality TV show competition in the form of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12, stakes have most certainly been raised for the sequel match. While we have several months until they actually face off, it's still fun speculate on how the fight will end. So, if you would, do just that Maniacs. Will Koscheck's "prediction" come to fruition, or will this bout end the same way their first fight did GSP reigning supreme?

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