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UFC 114's Michael Bisping: 'Everyone wants to fight Anderson Silva after UFC 112'




"I think everyone wants to fight Anderson Silva off the back of the Demian Maia fight -- I want to fight him after that. If he tried that s**t with me he'd get a toe-punt right on the chin! I couldn't understand it. I suppose it was a bit disrespectful to start with and, to be honest, I thought Demian Maia won the last two rounds. When it came to the decision I wasn't sure, you're never sure, Demian might have stolen it."

There's only one Michael Bisping! Sorry, wrong British combat sport athlete. With UFC 114 just days away, almost all of the attention has focused on "Rampage vs. Rashad, and rightfully so. But everyone's favorite, or not so favorite, fighter from the UK, Michael Bisping, is competing in the night's co-main event against Dan Miller, and hardly a peep has said about him. Let's change that. "The Count" had some interesting things to say about the undisputed king of his division, Anderson Silva, and his performance at UFC 112. I think most people are in agreement that Silva's effort that night in Abu Dhabi left a lot to be desired, and it sounds like Bisping is aiming to teach "The Spider" a lesson. Question is... aside from how he would actually fair against Silva should they ever fight, do you think Michael can string enough wins together to earn a shot at middleweight gold regardless of who is holding the belt? Sound off, Maniacs.

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