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K-1 World GP 2010 quick results from Bucharest


In case you didn't get your fight fix with last night's Moosin "Gods of Martial Arts" event, featuring a bloated Tim Sylvia pounding out the world's strongest can, or if you watched Matt Lindland enforce "The Law" on Kevin Casey at Strikeforce Challengers 8 and still wanted more, K-1 has got you covered.

The World Grand Prix 2010 continued yesterday (May 21) from the Romexpo Bucharest-Central Pavilion in Romania, as Freddy Kemayo, who got a second chance at qualifying when Alexey Ignashove blew out his knee, made the final 16 by knocking out Sebastian Cioban midway through the third round.

K-1 legends Ray Sefo and Errol Zimmerman both padded their already impressive resumes with Superfight wins over Ionut Iftimoaie and Catalin Morosanu, respectively.

Here are the complete K-1 World GP 2010 quick results from Bucharest, courtesy of the official K-1 website:

Freddy Kemayo Def. Sebastian Cioban via KO - Round 3, 2:46 (Punches)

Alexey Ignashov Def. Freddy Kemayo via Unanimous Decision
Sebastian Cioban Def. Mighty Mo via KO - Round 1, 2:24 (Front Kick)

Freddy Kemayo Def. Sergei Lascenko via Split Decision
Alexey Ignashov Def. Mindaugas Sakalauskas via KO - Round 1, 1:57
Mighty Mo Def. Roman Kleibl via KO - Round 3, 1:56 (Overhand Right)
Sebastian Ciobanu Def. Daniil Sapljoshin via KO - Round 1, 0:47

Ray Sefo Def. Ionut Iftimoaie via Unanimous Decision
Errol Zimmerman Def. Catalin Morosanu via KO - Round 1, 0:26
Raul Cătinaş Def. Carter Williams via KO - Round 1, 1:58
Halim Issaoui Def. William Sriapiai via Unanimous Decision
Mihai Barbu Def. Philippe Salmon via Extra Round Split Decision

Tournament Reserve:
Mladen Brestovac Def. Jan Soukup via Unanimous Decision

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