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Matt Lindland: Kevin Casey should stop rapping and hanging out with douchebags


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"Another embarrassing thing for him. He's rapping and his claim to fame is hanging out with Spencer Pratt? I mean, I actually feel sorry for the guy. Does he not have any friends who can give him some advice? You know, someone should be there to tell him, 'Stop rapping, and stop hanging out with this guy Spencer who's a complete douchebag.' What is he doing? I mean, I haven't met Kevin. He seems like a quality individual, but people are going to question your character when you're hanging around jokers like Spencer Pratt. And the ridiculous rap videos don't help with that either."

Former Olympic wrestling silver medalist and aging mixed martial arts veteran Matt Lindland hopes to stage an intervention with Kevin Casey after their Strikeforce Challengers 8 main event from the Rose Garden tonight (May 21) on Showtime. "The Law" has been broken in his previous two fights and may not have much left to offer MMA's big leagues; however, a win over the aspiring rapper might give his career a new set of legs. Anyone taking Spencer's "bro" in this one? Or is Lindland too experienced?

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