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Josh Koscheck: Georges St. Pierre doesn't have knockout power and I do




"I don't think I need to get in Georges St-Pierre's head. He knows what kind of fighter I've improved (to) ... I'm going to have my wrestling so good that I'm going to force Georges St-Pierre into standing toe to toe with me and then I'm going to end up knocking him out, because I believe that Georges doesn't have knockout power and I do ... [In the first fight] I kind of just overlooked he was a good athlete and had the ability to learn wrestling so quick. I believe that I was young, naive and a little immature. I think now I'm wiser, older and a lot smarter when it comes to preparing and putting a game plan together."

Newly appointed Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12 Coach Josh Koscheck talks about his upcoming welterweight title fight against current division champion Georges St. Pierre at the conclusion of their participation in the Spike TV reality show. "Kos" went toe-to-toe with "Rush" at UFC 74: "Respect" back in 2007 but came up on the wrong end of a unanimous decision. Has he evolved enough over the three year period between fights to give GSP a run for his money? And does he have the power to knock the Canadian out? Could be a flash KO -- or it could be Wrestlemania. Early predictions?

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