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Gone in 45 seconds: Tim Sylvia expecting 'some fun' against Mariusz Pudzianowski on May 21


"It’s going to be a good fight Friday night. I’ve been asked if it’s been difficult finding workout partners like my opponent who is 280 pounds with 4-percent body fat and gasses-out after 45-seconds. Yeah, my workout partners don’t usually gas-out after 45-seconds. He (Pudzianowski) is big, strong and a worthy opponent. Friday night we’re going to have some fun."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia talks to reporters at today's Moosin MMA press conference about his upcoming fight against five-time World's Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski at the "Gods of Martial Arts" event on May 21 in Worcester. The muscular menace could be facing a difficult task on Friday night if he indeed runs out of steam within the first minute against the "Maine-iac." Anyone think the Polish strongman can pull a Ray Mercer? Or will Sylvia send him back to the weight room with his tail between his legs?

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