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Chael Sonnen wins Oregon's Republican primary election in landslide


Of course he wasn't running against anybody, but it's a great accomplishment for Mr. Sonnen nonetheless.

The UFC number one middleweight contender earned 99.13 percent of the vote in Oregon's 37th district, moving on to battle Democratic nominee Will Rasmussen at the general election on November 2 later this year.

Nineteen write-in ballots were cast as opposed to the 2,167 votes that favored Chael.

But before the Team Quest wrestler faces Rasmussen in November, he'll be taking on a challenge of a different kind in the form of Anderson Silva at UFC 117 in Oakland, California on August 7.

So let me pose this question to you dear Maniacs; which contest does Sonnen stand a better chance at winning -- Capturing a seat in the Oregon House of Representatives, or capturing UFC middleweight gold?

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