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UFC 114's Todd Duffee on hype: 'To fans, you either saved America or you're the scum of the world'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"That's the one thing it [his seven-second knockout of Tim Hague at UFC 102] did for me. It got me more acquainted with the public eye. It just got me more recognition. But not too much else has changed. I'm a low-key guy so I haven't had to deal with too much... [As for the hype or hate he's received since his last fight] In this sport, it's like that for everybody. I've been around athletics my whole life, but in the fight game there's just a different dynamic between the fighters and the fans. It's a real love hate relationship. You either saved America, or you're the scum of the world."

The hype machine has been fully behind UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee since his record-setting seven-second knockout of Tim Hague at UFC 102 last August. Many fans immediately proclaimed him to be the next big (literally) thing in the heavyweight division, and the guy is even gracing covers of fitness magazines nowadays. But Duffee recently told Larry Pepe that hype can be a fickle thing in this sport and that even he's not sold on his current standing in the division just yet. So what do we think, will Todd put on another awe-inspiring performance against Mike Russow at UFC 114 and live up to the hype that has been bestowed upon him, or will his meteoric rise to fame came crashing to a halt?

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