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Tim Sylvia: I think I ruined Andrei Arlovski -- since I knocked him out he hasn’t been the same'


Props: TapouT Radio (via Fighter's Only)


"I would imagine Strikeforce would be better for me because they would be a little more lenient with me instead of locking me down, there is a lot of things you can’t do when you fight for the UFC. With Strikeforce I could probably fight more often, the UFC has so many top guys now that they are only fighting twice a year and I don’t want to do that. I want to fight Overeem, Fedor again, Werdum is a good fight and me and Rogers would be a good fight. Arlovski I think would be [like our fight] number three again, me knocking him out. I think I ruined the poor guy, since I knocked him out he hasn’t been the same."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia takes credit for the downward spiral that has been Andrei Arlovski's career since leaving the UFC in March 2008. "The Pitbull" is 2-3 in his post-Octagon career, having dropped three straight with two knockouts since falling to Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction: "Day of Reckoning" in January 2009 -- but was his trilogy with "The Maine-iac" the underlying cause? Or does Tim-eh want credit where it's not deserved? Opinions, please.

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