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Dan Henderson wants another crack at Jake Shields but is open to facing Gegard Mousasi


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"It was a possibility to fight [Mousasi] when I first came here and if I go to 205 (pounds) that's a fight that would make sense. If I stay at 185 there's a lot of guys who could give me a good fight. I'm 100-percent happy [with Strikeforce]. Like I said, it wasn't all about the money and it's refreshing to deal with an organization that has my best interests in mind as well as theirs. I would like to have that chance to fight [Shields] again but if he goes [to the UFC] then that's the way it goes."

Former UFC and Pride veteran Dan Henderson talks about his second fight under the Strikeforce banner after signing with the San Jose-based fight promotion earlier this year. Hendo was defeated in convincing fashion by Jake Shields in his "Nashville" debut but hope to eventually rematch the grappling wizard. If not, there is another high profile fighter coming off a loss in Gegard Mousasi that might make an interesting battle. Does Henderson still have the goods? Or has Father Time betrayed him?

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