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Shine Fights targets summer return; agrees to pay fighters after commission cancels May 15 event


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"The judge granted the injunction for Don King, and so the Ricardo Mayorga fight was off. However, we were ready to move forward with our show because we felt and we still feel like we have a great card. So we were ready to go put it on and fans were actually in the building from my understanding, and the commissioner ended up calling the fights for reasons I'm not entirely sure of ... I didn't know [the athletic commission] could cancel the show ... I just want to get an understanding from their side of things why they decided to call the event ... The fighters will all be taken care of financially for this fight. This is not going to be a situation where we're going to say 'oh the fight's canceled, nobody's getting paid.' People will be paid, and we're going to look to put on a fight very soon. We're probably looking at June/July/August."

Shine Fights CEO Devin Price reacts to the cancellation of his "Worlds Collide: Mayorga vs. Thomas" pay-per-view event on May 15, after the courts awarded Don King Productions a last-minute injunction barring "El Matador's" participation in the main event. Price and Co. were prepared to continue with their event and promote "Ninja" Rua into the main event against David Heath; however, the North Carolina Athletic Commission pulled the plug. Was it because Shine defiantly promised to ignore the injunction immediately following the ruling? Or were there other reasons? We'll likely find out on Monday morning.  Stay tuned.

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