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UFC Quick Quote: Was Dan Lauzon abandoned by his coaches and brother Joe two weeks before UFC 114?


"I think I'm going to be pretty much looking for a new gym and new coaches to train with. People I can actually count on and rely on and not somebody that's going to halfway through a camp say, 'Hey sorry, you're going out there alone, good luck.' Don't think I'm laying down for this fight and I'm not looking forward to the fight. I'm definitely looking forward to the fight. I'm going in there and I'm going to fight, but it just (stinks). It's not the way I wanted everything to happen for this fight going into it. In my eyes, I was doing everything right. I was making it to the gym; I was training hard two times a day. I was doing everything right. I was completely blown away. They were saying to me, 'I understand that you're mad at us.' I told them, 'I'm not mad. I'm hurt.' Joe Pomfret is somebody I look at like a father, and he is going to do this to me? You're going to tell me you can't (work my corner) and you're sending me out to Vegas alone for one of my biggest fights? I was completely hurt by it, especially my brother Joe. I don't think anybody would ever do that to their brother. I can't think of anyone else that would ever do that to their brother and just tell them, 'Hey, you're on your own.' "

A disappointed Dan Lauzon tells the Boston Herald that his trainers, along with brother and fellow UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, walked away from him two weeks before his big fight against Efrain Escudero at UFC 114 in Las Vegas. "The Upgrade" contends that he was holding up his end of the bargain after Team Lauzon issued him an ultimatum about his training schedule. Will Lauzon be adversely affected without his usual cornermen on May 29 -- and perhaps learn the lesson his brother is trying to teach him? Or was he hung out to dry by his own flesh and blood at a pivotal point in his career?

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