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Bigfoot Silva: Andrei Arlovski is coming off two KO losses -- and I plan to exploit this


"After my fight against (Fabricio) Werdum I started to do my own camp and now I have a more specific training for my fights. I’m ready to fight standing and on the ground. Arlovski’s ground game is neither horrible nor refined. I’m feeling very well on my feet. Arlovski comes off two KO losses and I plan to exploit this even knowing he’s a striker. I can also take him to the mat but you will see the 'Bigfoot' of my first eight fights. I’m trying to be more aggressive with more attitude compared to my last bout against Werdum. I want to say thank you to my fans, family and sponsors that gave me support for this preparation."

The one and only Elite XC Heavyweight Champion Antonio Silva prepares for his 265-pound mash up against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski tomorrow night (May 15) from the Scottstrade Center in St. Louis. "Bigfoot" promises a return to form, following a disappointing loss to Fabricio Werdum on CBS last November. Can "The Pitbull" be housebroken by the hard-hitting Brazilian on Saturday night? Or will Arlovski rise from the ashes and return to heavyweight relevance at the expense of Silva? Predictions please.

(Special thanks to contributor Eduardo Cruz and his team at Brasil Combate for the translation)

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