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Scott Coker: All fighters competing at Strikeforce 'Heavy Artillery' will undergo drug testing


Props: Carmichael Dave (via MMA Convert)


"In California, Nevada and other states drug testing is mandatory or sometimes it’s random…We stand aside because the commission’s doing the tests. The commission here [in Missouri] is drug testing and it will be random, and what we’ve decided to do is test all the athletes ourselves. That will happen tomorrow after the weigh-ins. Without a doubt all these fighters have to be clean, otherwise we’re going to have a problem, it’s going to be an issue. And Alistair, believe me, he’s fought in California twice and he’s tested clean both times…Let the guy go fight, prove himself, innocent before guilty, right? We hired a lab here in town. The lab’s going to do the testing for us tomorrow after the weigh-ins. It’s something we felt was the right thing to do and all the fighters including Alistair had no problem with it. Let it be what it’s going to be."

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker doesn't want there to be any unanswered questions following his return to St. Louis for "Heavy Artillery" on May 15. The commitment to drug testing by the Missouri Athletic Commission has been spotty at best, so Coker has made preparations to test each fighter following the weigh ins on Friday night. In a best case scenario, where every fighter tests clean, will fans finally be satisfied that certain heavyweight fighters are "all natural?" Or do random and unannounced tests need to be implemented to justify fighter physiques to some of the more fickle fans? What's your take Maniacs?

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