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The Lamentation of Butterbean: UFC steals James Toney from Moosin MMA


Props: LA Times


"We had Toney committed to our card, but the UFC flew him to Las Vegas the day before he was to sign with us and they locked him up. Believe me, they're not doing any favors throwing him in there against Couture. Couture won't stand up with Toney, he'll just jerk him down and beat the snot out of him. That's not a good fight. To make good fights, you need a stand-up guy against a stand-up guy, or a take-down guy against a take-down guy. A lot of boxers have tried [MMA] and not had success. It's important to know the differences, otherwise you look like Michael Jordan trying to play baseball."

Portly pugilistic powerhouse Eric Esch reflects on what could have been an interesting twist on the upcoming Moosin "Gods of Martial Arts" fight spectacle in Worcester, Massachusetts. "Butterbean" is co-promoting the May 21 event as well as throwing hands with Boston radio personality and former Bruins player Lyndon Byers on the main card. Anyone think Toney would have had a better shot in Moosin? Or is he doomed to fail wherever he fights? Time will tell.

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